graphite heating elements for vacuum furnaces

material: electrographite
(isostatically, hydraulically pressed, vibrated)
characteristics: fine grain and medium
grain structure

The different quality of graphite materials which

KOMPOZITUM uses to manufacture products for

a heat treatment gives a possibility to offer ideal proper-

ties of material designed for a process in a vacuum or an

inert gas atmosphere. Furthermore, KOMPOZITUM offers

an accurate measuring for electrical

resistance by Agilent HP - 34401A Multi-
meter, by DIN 51999-1999-12. Our com-
pany provides an adjustment of graphite

heating elements according to the

tolerance of electrical resistivity of your

application. That will provide you with

a guarantee of homogenous thermal

area inside the high temperature systems

as well as with the quality of heat

treatment products.

the unique properties of the graphite products:
•    very good homogeneity of material
•    specific electrical resistivity
•    high resistance to thermal shock
•    excellent mechanical strength
•    low thermal conductivity

products from the special graphite
•    graphite heaters
        - heating segments/bridges
        - heating rods
        - meander heaters
•    graphite holders
•    graphite girders
•    graphite connectors