impellers and molds for the manufacture of aluminum

material: electrographite
(isostatically pressed)
characteristics: medium grain structure,
impregnate by antioxidant salt

Taking into consideration the increasing need of aluminium,

it is necessary to have an ability take off hydrogen from

an alloy of aluminium effectively and fast by degassing

process. The company KOMPOZITUM offers you graphite

rotors which are used worldwide for degassing and

purification of aluminium. Our company produces these

graphite rotors from graphite materials of highest quality

from the attested world producers of graphite. The special

design of the head of the rotor effectively diffuses gas

in the alloy (argon or nitrogen) which eliminates

unwanted hydrogen. Semi-products or final products

from the alloy are obtained by using

the graphite dies and graphite moulds.

the unique properties of the graphite

• ultra long work life in the application
• excellent  stability against oxidation
   by impregnation
• functional design for scattering the gas bubbles

products from the special graphite
• rotors for degassing and clearing the aluminium
• dies for continuous casting the aluminium
• special moulds for casting the aluminium
• moulds for casting  the foam aluminium