crucibles and molds in metallurgy

material: electrographite
(isostatically pressed)
characteristics: fine grain structure

The graphite crucibles and moulds are widely used in the

industry for their specific physical properties. The selection

of proper material is very important and dependant on

conditions of your application e.g. the temperature

in the furnace, the usage in the oxidizing atmosphere

or in the vacuum. The exceptional properties of graphite

are ideal for the precious metal treatment. High density

and low porosity eliminate the waste of material during

the treatment. The usage of the crucibles is also

appropriate for determining the share of gas

in the metal or other materials and substances.

the unique properties of the graphite products
•    excellent resistivity to chemical corrosion
•    high mechanical strength
•    high durable against wearing
•    low chemical reactivity
•    extreme stability to thermal shocks

products from the special graphite
•    crucibles for melting non-ferrous metal
•    forms for final products
•    crucibles for laboratory
•    boats