At present is the special graphite of various quality used

in a big amount of field of industry. It refers to the fact that

a combination of graphite’s unique properties can not be

found in combination of any other material. KOMPOZITUM

can change and adapt these physical properties with

accordance with the need of each application To be able

to do that, our company uses its years of experience

and technology for improving of some properties by

impregnation. The products from special graphite are used

as a contact material for glass industry. Unlike other

materials this material does not damage hot glass in the

direct contact. Material is resistant to wearing because of

its strength, elasticity and permanency of form. The ease

of machining and exceptional physical properties of gra-
phite enables usage of this material for almost each part

in contact with hot glass. 

The use of special graphite as the heating elements for

vacuum furnaces is applicable for its electrical resistivity,

resistance to high temperature and thermal shocks.

They are used in the vacuum or inert atmosphere

and affords wide possibilities for heat treatment.
Metallurgy is a field of industry where graphite thorn and

dies for continuous casting of non-ferrous metal are used.

Given its shape stability and ease of machining thorns and

dies enable to make different shapes of final products.

The main advantages of proprieties of graphite are low

porosity, resistance to high temperature, non-reaction with

working metals, self-lubricate and others, predetermines

special graphite to be used in continuous casting.
The dies, moulds and boats made from special graphite

are used in metallurgy for melting and casting final products

from non ferrous metal, silicon crystal growth, as well as

chemical analysis. The graphite does not contaminate

processed material. Furthermore, graphite used in vacuum

or inert atmosphere maintains its properties also in extreme

For the needs of coating and sintering tools the ideal material

is special graphite, especially for holders, washers and plates

. The basic benefits of graphite in this application are its

resistance to high temperature, non stickiness to processed

material and substances that are used for coating and sintering.